Neck and Back Tension

Back pain and neck pain are the number one reasons people come for acupuncture. From acute injuries, MVA’s, bike accidents, overuse at work, chronic tight aching muscles and arthritis, we can help!

Injury and pain can come at unexpected times in life. Luckily our sliding scale payments make it easier to get in for treatment as often as you need in order to get your pain under control. Our clinic is open 7 days a week and our acupuncturists all work as a team which means you can come on the days that work best for you without having to worry about who’s working.

Typical treatment plan

Typically we like to start with an intensive course of treatment, typically 3 treatments a week for the first two weeks until the pain is reduced. Once your pain is at a more manageable level, weekly or bi weekly follow ups can manage any flare ups.

You may also want to consider trying cupping therapy-a great tool to help stretch tight and stiff muscles and improve circulation to the area. At The Acupuncture Hub, you can combine cupping and acupuncture into the same visit or just come for whichever feels necessary that day.