What to expect:



New Patients:

  • Please arrive 15 min before your scheduled treatment.  If you haven't filled out an intake online, you can fill them out when you arrive. 

  • Your acupuncturist will show you how to make your payment. We accept cash, cheque or credit cards. We use a self serve system that makes payments easy.  

  • Once you’ve gone over your health history and treatment goals, the needles will be inserted and you can rest for 30-60 minutes

  • If you have also booked a cupping session please allow an additional 20 minutes

Returning Patients:

  • Please arrive 5 min early to allow time to make your payment and then come right in and get comfy in a chair!   Your acupuncturist will be with you shortly.

What does it feel like?


  • The needles are fine and may give a bit of a “bite” when they are inserted. You may feel some pressure, achiness, pulsing at the points throughout the treatment. Feeling things a little is ok, we want to be causing a response from your body. It is easy to adjust the points until you are comfortable.  


  • Cupping: Cupping involves applying glass cups to the body with suction. You will be able to feel the suction/upward stretch. The pressure can be adjusted until it is manageable.
  • Because of the suction, cupping can leave behind painless, red marks that typically last 5-7 days.

Why are you using that point?

  • At The Acupuncture Hub we give individualised treatments

  • A note on treating body pain: We treat the full range of body pain: arms, legs, backs, hips, and neck! Acupuncture is based on an understanding of how your body is connected so  we don’t need to needle into the affected area in order to help it.  Sometimes the points to treat your back pain might be located on your leg. Sometimes the points that ease your foot pain might be on your hands. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered! As a bonus, this style of practice allows us to treat in a shared space at affordable rates that mean you can get in often enough to get your pain or other ailments under control.

How does the sliding scale work?

  • The sliding scale is designed to make it easy to access care when you need it. We set the range, $25-50, and you decide what works for you that day. There is a one time $10 consultation fee for new patients.

  • For patients who qualify for MSP premium assistance,  we can submit your payments directly. You will still need to pay the one time $10 consultation fee for new patients.