The Team

Our team of acupuncturists (or acupunks, as we affectionately like to call ourselves in the community acupuncture scene) is dedicated to our mission of providing effective, accessible, community centered healthcare. Part of creating accessibility for patients means that our practitioners work together as a team providing continuity of care for patients so that you can confidently see any acupuncturist at the time that works for you - this makes scheduling easier and makes it possible for you to get treatments when it is most convenient for you!

Of course, you can always choose to book a session with your favourite acupuncturist!  Read about our lovely punks below: 




Vicki Im, R.Ac

Vicki graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver and has been passionate about community acupuncture ever since. 

"I’ve always been one to follow my intuition and the Daoist principle of 'going with the flow of life', and it guides me in my acupuncture practice as well.  I like to meet people where they are in their life, without judgement, and work together on the aspects of their life that they are ready to change.  For some, this may be relieving a nagging pain and for others, it may be a change to look their best so they can feel their happy selves.  And for others still, it may be to help reach a higher level of consciousness for spiritual growth.  We are all on our own path and my place in people’s lives as their healer is to 'go with their flow of life'."

Vicki loves traveling and being on her motorcycle out on the open road.  Being a Vancouver native, she also loves to go hiking in the mountains with her dog, rain, snow, or shine!  


Lana Alberts, R.TCMP, R.Ac.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Lana moved to Vancouver in 2010 to attend the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver where she earned her title of R. TCMP.* 

“Although I had never received an acupuncture treatment before attending ICTCM, I was immediately drawn to the philosophies and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and intuitively became fascinated with the community acupuncture model. It is an incredible feeling to facilitate a safe healing space where individuals of all different backgrounds and diversities come together to decompress, heal and grow.” 

Outside of acupuncture, Lana loves listening to music, playing her violin, and exploring the world through the eyes of her five year old daughter.

*R.TCMP or Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, are licensed to practice acupuncture.   


Suzanne Williams, BA, APMCP, MBA, R.Ac

Suzanne first experienced acupuncture while studying Chinese language in Taiwan after she graduated from high school.  She was welcomed into a large clinic room with multiple chairs and treatment tables, each occupied by patients receiving various forms of Chinese medical treatment, including acupuncture, cupping, tui na and gua sha, while other patients consulted with doctors on herbal medicine prescriptions.  During her combined 12 years of living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, Suzanne came to learn that this community style practice was the norm in Greater China, and sought this style of practice as a patient upon her return to Canada.

A graduate of ICTCMV and student in Langara College’s Balance System of Acupuncture Certificate Program, Suzanne is pleased to be part of the Acu Hub team of practitioners.  She believes that the community setting at the Acu Hub helps ensure that patients can receive the appropriate “dosage” of treatments needed to achieve optimal health and healing.  

Outside of the clinic, Suzanne spends much of her time volunteering with community organizations.  She can also be found enjoying Vancouver’s water in all its forms, whether racing dragon boats in False Creek, or teaching adaptive skiing on the North Shore mountains. 

“I will use my skills to care for all in need, without bias and with openness of spirit.  The health of those in my care will be my first consideration.”

  • CTCMA TCM Practitioner and Acupuncturist Oaths


"I woke up from the session feeling amazing and rejuvenated!"

-Jay H.