Eczema and skin issues

Acupuncture can be an excellent resource for dealing with skin issues from eczema, psoriasis, to hives and dry skin. People will often come for treatment suffering from itching, redness, flaking, cracking or dry ski. We can help manage the inflammation, speed the healing and decrease the frequency of outbreaks.

Many people find there is a link between their skin and either their stress levels or their diet/digestive systems. Acupuncture and TCM give us a framework to consider your body as a whole so we can factor these triggers into your treatment.

Typical treatment plan

During a flare up we like to see you for treatment frequently. Often a course of treatment might be 2-3 treatments a week for two weeks and then weekly treatments until the symptoms are gone. After that, occasional tune ups will help to provide counter balance to lifestyle or environmental triggers.

At The Acupuncture Hub, our flexible schedule and sliding scale pricing means long term management becomes realistic for our patients.