Acupuncture can help support people who are dealing with concussions. It can moderate symptoms and make the recovery period more bearable. We often see people struggling with migraines, body pain, fatigue, insomnia, cognitive processing lags, poor appetite and heightened emotional responses. Regular acupuncture care can help during the recovery period and also be a good tool to as people transition back to their regular work and lives and have to deal with feelings of overstimulation.

There can also be a great deal of muscle tension and body pain following a concussion. Cupping therapy can be a good option for people wanting to stretch out their stiff muscles and improve the circulation. Cupping is very adaptable in terms of the intensity of pressure used so it can be a good option even when your body is feeling sensitive.

Typical treatment plan

Frequency of treatment is key with a concussion. In the early days we like to see people as often as possible, anywhere from 3 days a week to daily treatments until symptoms become more manageable. Once we are making progress, regular weekly or bi-weekly treatments can help make sure your progress doesn't plateau, and can address small flare ups as they occur.

The sliding scale works especially well for the treatment of conditions like concussions. It allows for people to adapt their payments to their resources at the time and be able to afford consistent care when they need it. Flexible hours also make it easier for people who are struggling to manage their time and energy.