Smoking cessation and addictions support

Acupuncture can be a good support for people dealing with addictions. While it should not be viewed as a standalone treatment, it can be an excellent support, especially in the early days when people are experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, moodiness, body pain, anxiety, chills, etc.

Typical treatment plan

Typically a session will consist of a five point ear acupuncture protocol developed specifically for addictions as well as body points to target your specific symptoms.

Treatments needs to be frequent to be effective, we like to see people a minimum of 4 times a week (ideally more) during the first two weeks in order to be a useful physical and emotional support.

At the Acupuncture Hub we approach the management of addictions from a harm reduction standpoint. We strive to provide accessible,  non-judgmental care and are willing to meet patients where they are at in their lives.

For patients wanting addictions support, our flexible 7 day a week schedule and sliding scale payments make it easier to get in at a time that is convenient and make coming for an intensive course of treatment more financially feasible.