Vicki Im, R.Ac

Vicki graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver and has been passionate about community acupuncture ever since. 

"I’ve always been one to follow my intuition and the Daoist principle of 'going with the flow of life', and it guides me in my acupuncture practice as well.  I like to meet people where they are in their life, without judgement, and work together on the aspects of their life that they are ready to change.  For some, this may be relieving a nagging pain and for others, it may be a change to look their best so they can feel their happy selves.  And for others still, it may be to help reach a higher level of consciousness for spiritual growth.  We are all on our own path and my place in people’s lives as their healer is to 'go with their flow of life'."

Vicki loves traveling and being on her motorcycle out on the open road.  Being a Vancouver native, she also loves to go hiking in the mountains with her dog, rain, snow, or shine!