Suzanne Williams, BA, APMCP, MBA, R.Ac

Suzanne first experienced acupuncture while studying Chinese language in Taiwan after she graduated from high school.  She was welcomed into a large clinic room with multiple chairs and treatment tables, each occupied by patients receiving various forms of Chinese medical treatment, including acupuncture, cupping, tui na and gua sha, while other patients consulted with doctors on herbal medicine prescriptions.  During her combined 12 years of living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, Suzanne came to learn that this community style practice was the norm in Greater China, and sought this style of practice as a patient upon her return to Canada.

A graduate of ICTCMV and student in Langara College’s Balance System of Acupuncture Certificate Program, Suzanne is pleased to be part of the Acu Hub team of practitioners.  She believes that the community setting at the Acu Hub helps ensure that patients can receive the appropriate “dosage” of treatments needed to achieve optimal health and healing.  

Outside of the clinic, Suzanne spends much of her time volunteering with community organizations.  She can also be found enjoying Vancouver’s water in all its forms, whether racing dragon boats in False Creek, or teaching adaptive skiing on the North Shore mountains. 

“I will use my skills to care for all in need, without bias and with openness of spirit.  The health of those in my care will be my first consideration.” -CTCMA TCM Practitioner and Acupuncturist Oath.